Ocean - Sensory Bottle

$29.95 CAD

16 reviews

→ Unique Sensory Bottle designed by me.
→ Suitable for all ages
→ Leak-proof sealed lid
→ Ergonomic design
→ BPA-free PET strong plastic bottles
→ Soft & textured silicone caps

Top Benefits of Sensory Bottles
  • Calming & Soothing
  • Promotes enhanced focus
  • Stimulates imagination

Embrace the allure of the shoreline! 🐚🌊 Introducing our mesmerizing Ocean Bliss Sensory Bottle – where the enchantment of the beach meets the wonders of the deep. Plunge into a sensory odyssey that's simply breathtaking.

Carefully curated and crafted, this bottle is more than an eye-catching spectacle. It's an invitation to a coastal paradise, with the sandy shores, twinkling stars, intricate shells, and sparkling glitter that dance and dazzle with every movement. 🏖️✨

PET plastic bottle  | Sealed lid | For all age groups | Adult supervision required


    How do I clean the silicone caps?

    Remove the silicone caps from the bottle. Wash them with warm soapy water using a gentle dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry completely before reattaching.

    How often should I clean the sensory bottle?

    It's recommended to clean the sensory bottle once a week or whenever you notice any build-up. If the bottle is frequently used, consider cleaning it more often.

    What is the ideal age range for children to use sensory bottles?

    Sensory bottles are suitable for all ages. They are ideal for children between the ages of 0-5 years old. Babies as young as a few months old can benefit from sensory bottles as they explore their environment using their senses, and older children can use them to develop their focus, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

    How can I use sensory bottles with my child?

    There are many ways to use sensory bottles with your child, depending on their age and developmental stage. Younger children may enjoy simply exploring the bottles with their senses, while older children can use them for imaginative play or as a tool for calming and relaxation. Some ideas for using sensory bottles include shaking them to create different sounds and visual effects, using them as a tool to calm down, or incorporating them into sensory play activities.

    Are sensory bottles sealed?

    Yes, our sensory bottles are sealed to prevent leaks and spills. This also keeps the contents safe from young children who may try to open the bottle and access the contents.

    What material are sensory bottles made of?

    Our Sensory bottles are made of plastic, which is a safe and durable material for children's toys. The plastic used in sensory bottles is often BPA-free and non-toxic.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Eye catching fun for little one

    Love this sensory bottle. As soon as I showed my three month old, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone or buy it as a gift! But there are a few downsides: It is heavier than I expected and I also wish the inner cap (it lies beneath the rubber white tops) was screwed on tighter or at least glued shut, because I went to remove the rubber top (by pulling lightly, not by twisting) and the inner white cap started screwing lose, which I was surprised by. Lastly, I wish the rubber-lid-ocean-bottle contents were the same as the wooden-top-ocean-bottle contents shown on instagram (it’s no longer on the website) only because it includes sea shells and gives more of an ocean look. It also seems that the wooden bottles cost less than the rubber bottle versions, yet there appears to be less variety of contents inside the rubber ocean bottle versus the wooden.

    Belen Eugenio
    🌊 Highly Recommend! A Delightful Gift for a 1st Birthday! 🎁💕

    I recently purchased the Ocean Sensory Bottle as a gift for my friend's baby girl on her 1st birthday, and it was an absolute hit! 🎉 From the moment she unwrapped it, her eyes lit up with pure joy, and it was heartwarming to see her immediate connection with this unique toy.
    The mesmerizing ocean elements within the sensory bottle captivated her attention, and I could see the excitement in her little eyes as she explored the fascinating underwater world.
    What impressed me the most was how this original creation sparked her curiosity and engagement.
    Even the parents were thrilled with the gift, appreciating its uniqueness and the positive impact it had on their little one's playtime. It's heartening to find a toy that not only entertains but also encourages early development and engagement.
    If you're looking for a thoughtful and enchanting gift for a little one, I highly recommend the Ocean Sensory Bottle. It's more than just a toy, it's a magical gateway to a world of discovery! 🌟💙


    Ocean - Sensory Bottle


    So cute! Perfect for on the road I spy game

    Beautiful and Fun!

    My little one and I both love this sensory bottle. Mama may have to buy one for herself because it’s so beautiful and fun to play with! :)

    Revolutionizing Sensory Play

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    When I moved to Canada from Uruguay, I hit a roadblock—my therapy credentials didn't carry over. But instead of calling it quits, I channeled my expertise in psychology into creating hand-made sensory toys. It's my way of contributing to the community and supporting all kids through playful learning. That's the heart behind my business.

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