The importance of positive thinking.

The importance of positive thinking.

The importance of positive thinking.

How often do we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts?

How often do we think that there is no way out, that something terrible will happen, that we are not good?

How often do we focus on what we don't have?


Because of the anxiety and stress we handle in our daily lives (and even more in these times of pandemic and isolation), it is easy to feel overwhelmed by thoughts that negatively influence our lives.
But contrary to negative thinking, for which we do not need any effort and often invades us and takes us on automatic pilot, there is another way of thinking and standing through life, even in difficult and problematic situations: Positive thinking. This way of seeing life is not easy; it needs a lot of constancy; it is an exercise, a form of living and training the mind.


What are you grateful for?

Today, I bring you an exercise to put this thinking into practice and stand before life with another posture, a more hopeful outlook.

This activity can help the adults in the house to remain emotionally stable, which is very important to help the children regulate their emotions. 

Children tend to imitate their parents and have them as role models, and they get also influenced by their feelings. That is why adults must be mentally healthy to promote the well-being and balance of the family.


There are many ways to encourage positive thinking, which can help us deal with difficult moments in a more manageable way. Let's start with a simple activity.
You can do this exercise when you wake up or before bed. The idea is to make a list of things you are thankful for, and they can be people, personal achievements, personal qualities, challenges, etc.
Through this activity, we promote a feeling of gratitude and enjoyment for what we have received; we help clear our minds of negativity and see our life more clearly. Namaste means that I am grateful for your kindness, friendship, and greatness.
Sometimes you focus on what you don't have and don't enjoy everything you have achieved.

By exercising our minds in this way of thinking, we will be able to live a more fulfilling life. Even when things get complicated, thinking this way will help us face and overcome adversity.


You don't have to do this alone; you can practice this exercise with your kids! It can be a family activity to help you get through the day with more energy.


Do it for a week and if you want you can tell me how it went. I'm sure you will see the results!