Why should I buy a Sensory Toys Box?

Why should I buy a Sensory Toys Box?

Why should I buy a Sensory Toys Box?

The main reason for buying these play kits is to help stimulate your child's development through open-ended play without the time-consuming effort of searching for the right materials. 

My main goal is to create a quality product that gives the child what they need: motivation and stimulation for their development, learning, positive emotions, and unforgettable memories. 

There is constant training behind Sensory Toys Box to improve and grow day by day! 

What is sensory play, and what are the benefits? 

The senses are the best way for children to know, explore, and process the information they receive from their environment. Therefore, sensory play is a game that promotes the stimulation of all or some of the senses, whether it is touching different textures, hearing different sounds, seeing different colors, smelling different aromas, or tasting different flavors. 


What is a Sensory Box?

sensory box (or sensory bin) is a tool specially designed to stimulate some or all the senses while the child plays and has fun.

It's a container filled with different materials and textures. Aside from the filling, they also include different toys to boost creativity and set the scene they want in that specific theme.


What's in the box?

In the boxes, you will find toys related to the theme (e.g., dinosaurs, insects) and filling materials with different textures that help set the scene (e.g., rocks, sand, rice, water beads, pompoms, wooden sticks, etc.)


What are the benefits of a Sensory Box?

These are essential tools to improve child development, motor skills, cognitive growth, and more, all while having fun!

Sensory Boxes are a fantastic way for children to learn by experiencing and recognizing their senses, has a calming effect, and help them concentrate and stay entertained.

It promotes social interaction when sharing the game with others, promotes motor skills, and, most importantly, is a very entertaining and motivating activity!

Sensory boxes are also inclusive toys that aim to approach the learning process in a fun and creative way. It is an excellent way to bring all kids closer, including those with special needs, to a method of play that sets no boundaries but offers excellent opportunities to stimulate important areas for healthy development. 


How do you select the objects for each box?

Our criteria are based on my experience working with children and my extensive knowledge of child development, sensory integration, and educational practices. 

Every box contains toys chosen to encourage every kid to create and stimulate their development through play.

 Many parents ask me what toys to give their children or how to play with them. Therefore, we select every single toy in these Sensory boxes with great dedication and a unique purpose. 


Can I use the boxes if I do not know about sensory play?

Of course! We want to bring families closer to play and sensory stimulation in the simplest way, providing our ideas and the necessary materials so that you can put them into practice. You only need to open the box and start playing!


For what ages are they recommended?

The sensory boxes are suitable for children over three years old as they contain small parts that could be considered dangerous for young children without adult supervision. So I would say the appropriate age is four and up.

I do not set an age limit as each child is unique, and their developmental processes are different. So I think the age limit should be set by the parents or educators who know the child and see if they can be interested in each specific product. 


Where can I buy a Sensory Box?

You can buy sensory boxes on our site and get them shipped to your door!

We are constantly creating new products, so don't forget to subscribe to stay tuned and receive information when we release it. 

We also have a unique monthly subscription sensory box that you can have each month at your door!

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